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Load Banks for rent or hire

A portable load bank provides a stable, consistent and repeatable electrical load that can be accurately controlled, recorded and measured. The goal of load bank testing is to recognize potential problems in a controlled environment, rather than during an actual failure. Load bank testing (resistive, capacitive or inductive) is a critical part of any maintenance program for emergency generators sets, uninterruptible power supplies, medical facilities and infrastructure, HVAC systems and data center operations.

Without regular load bank testing, the risk of generator failure during an emergency increases dramatically. The most practical means of ensuring power system reliability is through regular testing with a portable load bank. This provides a consistent and repeatable electrical load.

Reactive load testing

There has been a steady increase for the requirement of reactive (leading and lagging) power factor load testing (capacitive and inductive) particularly within the data centre sector. These environments typically contain a large amount of electronically derived load present on the distribution system and the requirement to be able to replicate these similarities by load testing infrastructure, UPS's and/or generators.

Leading or lagging power factor

Power factor = True power/Apparent power.
Power factor is always between 0 and 1 and can be determined by the lead or lag of current with respect to voltage. The terms "leading" and "lagging" refers to where the load current phasor lies in relation to the supply voltage phasor. They are determined by the Sine of the phase angle between the current and voltage waveforms. Capacitive loads will, therefore, cause a leading power factor, whereas inductive loads will cause a lagging power factor. Power factors are often stated as "leading" or "lagging".

Contracted load testing

Generator Rental NZ Ltd offers contracted resistive, leading and lagging power factor load testing within New Zealand and internationally on request. Our leading and lagging power factor testing service and associated equipment is rated above 1MVA and comes with a New Zealand registered expert and strong electrical engineering support.

The following resistive load banks and associated cables are in stock:

1 x 1600kW
1 x 1200kW
1 x 750kW
2 x 600kW
1 x 500kW
3 x 400kW
2 x 240kW
1 x 80kW

The following capacitive load banks and associated cables are in stock:

400kVAr - 0.95pf - 1280kVA (capacitive / leading power factor)
400kVAr - 0.90pf - 915kVA (capacitive / leading power factor)

The following inductive load banks and associated cables are in stock:

1200kVA (inductive / lagging power factor)

Our most popular rental load banks are as follows:

McLennan Power MPL750

  • Maximum electrical load of 750kW, infinitely variable from 0-750kW
  • 230V / 400V / 50Hz
  • 3-phase
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Control panel contains a multi-function power meter displaying Volts, Amps, active kW, apparent kVA, reactive kVAr, Power Factor and Frequency
  • Tandem, braked, road legal trailer mounted with 1 & 7/8" and 50mm towing hitch
  • Supplied with cables if requested
  • 2250kg
  • 6600mm long x 2300mm wide x 3100mm high (includes road trailer)
  • Cannot be operated in the rain
  • NZ Code of Compliance
750kW Load Bank for Rent750kW Load Bank for Hire

Schneider Avtron 80

  • Maximum electrical load of 80kW, variable from 0-80kW
  • 230V / 400V / 50Hz
  • 1-phase or 3-phase
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Full digital metering included for monitoring of Volts, Amps, Frequency, and kW
  • Includes hardened case with wheels for easy transportation and relocation
  • Comes with twist-lock cables, plugs and adapters for multiple connection options
  • Requires an external 230V / 1-Phase / 50Hz source; adapter cord provided
  • 47.5kg
  • 660mm long x 430mm wide x 810mm high
  • Cannot be operated in the rain
  • NZ Code of Compliance
Load Bank in useSchneider Avtron 80 Load Bank for Hire