Generator Rental NZ Ltd

Short or Long Term, Emergency or Backup

Accessories for Rent or Hire

Rent or hire accessories specific to your needs.

Be it a short term stand-alone or long term multi-unit synchronous power station requirement, we are here to power any project you may have. Contact us now to discuss the best option to make it happen.


Automatic Transfer Switch for Rent
  • Single or 3 phase automatic changeover switches for sale or rent. Upon failure of the connected utility company power source, the ATS will initiate the generator start and will automatically transfer the load circuit to the generator. We have ATS's up to 1600 amp in stock.
Lifeguard Cables for Rent
  • We provide an extensive range of industral grade power cables for rent. We also supply and rent an assortment of pre-lugged, single and 3 phase colour coded generator cables in various lengths.

Cable Ramps

Cable Ramps for Hire
  • Running cables across driveways and areas where there are vehicle and pedestrian traffic can sometimes be unavoidable. Digging trenches is an expensive and time consuming exercise. Running wires and cables in areas that see lots of foot traffic are a potential hazard. Cable ramps have been designed for environments and construction sites where extra heavy duty cable protection is required due to human and vehicle traffic.


Temporary Lighting for Rent
  • Safe and efficient lighting can make all the difference on a job, especially for construction crews and industrial workers. For all of your lighting needs, ask about our rental lighting range.

Distribution Boxes

Lifeguard and Nomad Boxes for Hire
  • Our 32 and 63 amp per phase distribution boxes have the ability to interconnect in numerous ways to reticulate power throughout construction and temporary power environments. Interconnection safety cables are are of a watertight design and utilise standard plug and connector arrangements. Boxes are available for rent or sale and can be interconnected with all other manufacturers boxes, including Lifeguard, Nomad and Jackson Electrical.

Power Distribution

Electrical Distribution Boxes for Rent
  • Generator Rental NZ Ltd carries a range of larger power reticulation panels designed for temporary environments. We are ready to manage the electrical needs of most sites.

Plugs and Tails

Generator Tails for Rent
  • We have an extensive range of generator plugs and tails for rent.

Adaptors &

Hire or Rent Electrical Adaptors

  • We have an extensive range of generator adaptors and converters for rent.


Diesel Generator Synchronizing Panels for Rent
  • Generator synchronization is the process of matching parameters such as voltage, frequency, phase angle, phase sequence and alternator waveform or other source with a healthy or running power system. We can provide synchronization panels up to 1200 amp.

Echo Barrier

Generator Noise Barriers for Hire
  • Generator noise is a common issue for contractors and events organizers alike. Noise control tools like sound barriers help reduce the incidence of disruption as a result of generator noise. The Echo Barrier portable noise control system, comprising a range of mobile barriers, features unrivalled all-round performance, abating noise on construction and demolition sites, at events, in oil & gas and mining, during road works, and in many other industries around the world.

Motor Generators

Motor Generators for Hire
  • Various MG sets for rent.
  • Eliminate power spikes and brown out's.
  • Provide power company line isolation.
  • Short duration UPS.
  • Convert 1P to 3P.
  • Convert 3P to 1P.
  • Convert 3P to 3P.
  • Variable output voltages.

Data Centre

Portable Data Centre for Hire
  • High availability containerised data centre for rent.
  • Suitable for ICT equipment capacities up to 9kW.
  • Two 19-inch ICT racks.
  • Fault-tolerant electrical and cooling systems.
  • Dual UPS systems with dual rack PDU systems.
  • Remote monitoring and visibility of all critical systems.
  • Includes two internal workstation desks with monitors.