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Short or Long Term, Emergency or Backup

Recent Projects

Satellite tracking station temporary generators

Satellite earth station

GRNZ was approached by Spark for supply of temporary Diesel Generators for a major 10 month electrical upgrade at New Zealand's largest purpose-built, tier 1 Satellite Earth Station. The supply consisted of two matched, synchronized, low interference Generators with extended run capability, connected to a single common electrical bus in an N+1 configuration. The customer scope also required construction and integration of various alarm outputs to match the existing 1970's management system feeding back to the customers network operations centre.

Train spotting

When Downer went looking for mobile lighting for their rail upgrade project, they chose GRNZ to supply multiple diesel powered, trailer LED lighting towers. The scope included centralized staging for ease of delivery and 24 Hour on call support.

Mobile lighting for rail upgrade project
Load supplimenting Diesel Generators

Keeping the heat on

GRNZ recently supplied 11 weeks of temporary power for a scheduled mains cable upgrade. Compounding the complexity were access, the marsh like conditions and the requirement for a super silent, fully automated load supplimenting system. GRNZ supplied BECA Group Limited with a custom one touch, all weather solution with full remote visibility and control, which not only complied with, but exceeded the Auckland Council's residential noise requirements.

Standby only

New World Supermarket in east Auckland approached GRNZ for a standby power solution while 2 weeks of scheduled Generator maintenance took place. GRNZ supplied and stored a Diesel Generator and accompanying cable set on the customers premises, to be connected if required. The solution included 24 Hour on call support of our connections and maintenance team.

Standby only - rent if you use
325kVA Tower Crane Diesel Generator

Keeping to schedule

One of the oldest construction companies in New Zealand approached GRNZ when a 15 month transformer delay threatened their high-rise project. GRNZ supplied a long term power solution for their tower crane and kept construction on schedule.

Fire fire

When a catastrophic fire destroyed an entire production plant, GRNZ was engaged for 4 months to supply emergency prime manufacturing power at the customers new facility while the street, transformer and buildings infrastructure were upgraded. The contract included a custom cable supply schedule and ongoing fuel replenishment and support for the duration of the project.

Load supplimenting Factory Generator
100kVA Generator while waiting for the Ship

It's late

When a large New Zealand owned construction company came looking for an on-call rental solution to cover the delayed delivery of their customers new generator, GRNZ had just the answer. A suitably sized generator was supplied to site on an on-call basis which perfectly suited the customers budget and timeframe. Just another way that GRNZ works closely with our valued customers.

Saving the bacon

An unscheduled mechanical outage at one of New Zealands largest Countdown Supermarkets resulted in GRNZ supplying critical backup power for a week while repairs were undertaken. The urgent short notice request resulted in the GRNZ crew supplying, connecting and testing a solution over a weekend without interruption to the customers store operations.

Supermarket temporary power
Ward Chandler Electrical temporary power

School time

When Ward Chandler Electrical required temporary power during the December break for a major distribution board upgrade at Auckland Girls Grammar School, they chose Generator Rental NZ Ltd to fulfil their temporary power and distribution requirements. Established in 1888, it is one of the oldest secondary institutions in the country.

On load

When a provider to one of the largest data centres in New Zealand went looking for load banks to test and prove their generators, they contacted and contracted GRNZ for a turnkey supply and test solution. The scope consisted of 1400kVA of load bank capacity and associated cabling.

Data centre load banks
Synchronized diesel generator load tests

Synchronized load

When Eneraque, the largest privately owned, Australian generator integrator required load testing of their 1200 Kilowatt generators, they chose GRNZ to supply and perform their New Zealand tests prior to customer site delivery.

Beachlands school

While Vector, New Zealand's largest distributor of electricity and gas is leading the transformation of the energy sector to create a new energy future, Generator Rental NZ Ltd is assisting by powered Beachlands School while Vector upgrades the sites electrical infrastructure.

Beachlands School temporary diesel Generator
KiwiRail Train at railway Depot


State owned enterprise KiwiRail relies on Generator Rental NZ Ltd for supply of long term critical infrastructure backup power. Competitive pricing by GRNZ ensures KiwiRail is able to operate as a successful business and to be as profitable and efficient as comparable businesses that are not owned by the Crown.

Bob the builder

February 2022 - When a major weather event and trees brought down the powerlines stopping all construction on a multi dwelling development, GRNZ stepped in at short notice to supply power. With multiple simultaneous requests all over Auckland and Nortland, Generator Rental NZ Ltd staged multiple units for customers to collect at our Silverdale and Albany depots. Just another way we keep the lights on and those permitted construction sites working.

Supplying Generator for power outage
Powering councils water pumps

Keep pumping

When the Auckland Council's generator powering their pumps failed, they turned to GRNZ to supply temporary power to keep water flowing while electronic repairs were undertaken by IT Power Services, one of our recommended maintenance and repair specialists. Our small to medium sized trailerised generator fleet ensures fast deployment and setup.

Humble grain of sand

Our client required temporary power for several months while their mining operation was relocated. GRNZ worked with the client to establish their power requirements taking into account the electrical startup and running requirements of various pumps, screens and motors and supplied a large trailer mounted unit to move with the mining operation.

Supplying Generator for mining operation relocation
Diesel generators for space infrastructure applications

In orbit

A major satellite launch provider required prime power units and redundant/service changeover for their facility in New Zealand. GRNZ supplied two 350kVA, low diesel consumption units for several months with all accompanying service support. All our staff fulfil the requirements for high security operations which includes facilities such as NZ Corrections, NZ Police, NZ Customs and military.

Vector is alive on the moon

A customer adjacent to a demolition site in Remuera was without power after the lines were accidentally removed. GRNZ rolled in one of our trusty FG Wilson generators from our extensive fleet. The job included temporary fencing, sound attenuation blankets and daily diesel to fill the power gap while overhead cables were reinstated by Vector a week later.

Supplying Generator for power outage
Construction site temporary power project

Meter meter on the wall

Who is the quietest generator of them all? This customers site received a noise complaint as a result of their generator being to noisy, resulting in GRNZ supplying a whisper quiet unit. Another construction site temporary power project while the customer waits for metering to be completed and approved. Delivery, setup, fuel and demobilization, everything to ensure Barney Rubble has a great experience.

Black start

Who you gonna call when there's something wierd going on in your neighbourhood and your black start unit is temporarily out of service? GRNZ of course. Here's Tim in the main turbine hall with the customers 20 megawatt unit while generation continues in the background.

Supplying Generator for black start unit
New 500kVA generator powering retirement village

In retirement

GRNZ recently acquired this silent 500kVA generator which is powering the retirement village while scheduled maintenance is undertaken. Work undertaken includes a bypass of the Vector transformer to simplify connection and reduce paper overhead.